Birth of Servants Heart Automotive

Twelve months ago, David Dee raised his hand, in a local compassion meeting, and shared that the Lord had impressed upon him that an Automotive Ministry was to be formed to address the needs of the local community. Within a few days, David Dee, Pat Quinn and Jim Bigelow met to discuss what this looked like. Jim had already been providing repairs for free or at reduced cost to those in need and had a heart for the vision.

Shortly after that meeting there was a call to to others that may feel Gods prompting to climb aboard Gods vision and hold on! That fateful day – a great team of men and women jumped all in and Servants Heart Automotive was born.

We are COMPASSIONATE and committed.

We have a passion to serve. We open our hearts to the stories and situations of those in need. We put ourselves aside to meet those needs, understanding that God’s love is expressed through this selfless action. We feel called to use our collective skills for this purpose.

We are extremely RESPECTFUL.

We display respect through our actions, words and work environment. We give dignity through our actions, always being polite and considerate to those who are struggling. We carefully chose our words to encourage and build up people and to show God’s love. We keep our work space and tools in good condition, and show respect to each other through expressed appreciation.


We have a feeling of optimism and joy. Knowing that God has called us to this ministry, we feel his will and strive to honor it with a joyful heart. We have a positive attitude and a perspective that rejoices, seeing how our hard work empowers those in need.